Editorial Staff

Editor-In-Chief – x210
Madeline Heim

Managing Editor – x211
Andrew Bahl

News Manager – x226, 227, 228
Nina Bertelsen

Campus Editor 
Lawrence Andrea

College Editor 
Maggie Chandler

City Editor 
Max Bayer

State Editor
Andy Goldstein

Associate Editor
Lulu de Vogel

Social Media Manager
Ella Johnson

Opinion Editors
Madison Schultz and Jake Price

Editorial Board Chair
Jack Kelly  

Editorial Board
Andrew Bahl, Madeline Heim, Jack Kelly, Ben Pickman, Madison Schultz, Amileah Sutliff and Samantha Wilcox.

Arts Editors
Allison Garfield and Brandon Arbuckle

Sports Editors
Ethan Levy and Ben Pickman

Gameday Editors
Ben Blanchard and Bremen Keasey

Features Editor
Sammy Gibbons

Multimedia Editors
Jessica Rieselbach and Hannah Schwarz

Almanac Editors
Patrick Hoeppner and Savannah McHugh

Life & Style Editor
Megan Otto

Science Editor
Maggie Liu

Photo Editors
Cameron Lane-Flehinger and Brandon Moe

Graphics Editors
Jade Sheng and Camille Paskind

Special Pages Editors
Amileah Sutliff and Yi Wu

Copy Chiefs
Sam Nesovanovic, Haley Sirota, Justine Spore, Erin Jordan

Business Staff

Business Managers – x204
Mike Barth and Shirley Yang

Advertising Managers – x201
Kia Pourmodheji and Abby Friday

Business Office

Marketing Director
Elizabeth Jortberg